Black Hand Tooled Leather Compass Armguard

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The toughest arm guards you will ever find. Made from full-grain vegetable-tanned 9 ounce heavyweight tooling leather and backed with high grade pigskin. 

Hand made in Northern Michigan, this leather armguard is stiff at first, but it will form to your arm and hold its shape better than thin leather ever could. It quickly attaches with high-quality shock cord and extra thick real deer antler button on top and our quiet button on bottom.

Each leather armguard comes equipped with a 3/4" diameter liquid filled compass, which is in the perfect position for easy viewing while making a stalk or navigating your way out of the woods. Leather is a product of nature, so no two will look exactly the same. Approximately 9" H x 7" L. Comes water proofed with natural waxes, which should be reapplied seasonally - we recommend Fiebings Snow Proof Paste

Drifter Tip: Where this around the house or in the car for a week or so, take it off and flex it by hand you'll be amazed how quick they break in and take the shape of your arm. The compasses are extra helpful and in the perfect location to look at (hands free) walking out of or into the woods in the dark.