Blood Trailing Guide

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Blood Trailing Guide

All your hard work and practice has paid off you just shot the deer you have been after for the last month. You know you made a good hit the buck was close to broadside, maybe a little quartering too, but penetration was good, the shot angle was steep. Question is did I get both lungs or one lung and the liver? These questions have plagued hunters for years and in the heat of the moment hunters tend to get down and track there deer to soon pushing the deer often resulting in not finding there deer they worked so hard to harvest. This Blood Trailing Guide is loaded with answers to your questions; it slows you down and tells you what to do based on where you shot your deer.  Our goal with this guide is to retrieve your animal if that happens our goal has been met. 

 Inside you will find:

Pre-Shot and Post-Shot check lists

How to investigate the shot location and what to do next

A detailed whitetail anatomy picture so you can identify what vitals where hit

Tracking Tips and Tools

 Specific wait times, what the deer will act like, and what the blood trail will look like for: Lung hits, Heart hits, Liver hits, Neck hits, Main artery hits, Gut & stomach hits, Back, loin, spine hits, Kidney hits, Muscle & body hits

  •  Plus: 4 ways to pick up a lost blood trail

                    How to find blood and be a better tracker