Strap On - String Tracker by: Chad Orde

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I am working on my last batch of trackers for awhile taking a break from leather working for awhile. Chad

My string trackers are handmade from top grain tanned leather and are side mounted on to the bow.
I cut these out from my own pattern,  rivet them up. Add the brass button for rear access flap, then put in the hard rock maple front, and finally add waterproofing coat (natural wax, oil blend) you should re-coat periodically. 
 No material expense spared because these are meant to last a life time. Look great and work great. They work so well I can hardly keep them on the shelf during the season.

For Turkeys that don't bleed much and can fly away the string tracker can be your life line in game retrieval. Same goes for bears & hogs that have hair to plug the holes and thick bones that are hard to penetrate. These little trackers lead you right through the brush to you game. 

Deer don't always bleed right after the shot especially when shot from a treestand due to high arrow entrance angle the first 20-40 yards can be difficult to pick up blood. The string tracker gets you on the blood trail in record time.  

Work on left or right hand bow can mount above or below grip, above is ideal. 

Line Sold Separate

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