Ted Nugent - Hunt Music plus bonus disc

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Hunt Music 

This Nuge compilation album features a collection of classic tracks along with some instrumental songs that are perfect for fishing in a canoe or getting amped up for your hunting trip. The track “I Wanna Go Hunting” was a previously unreleased Nuge song while “Sunrize” will bring a tear to your eye and awaken your inner hunter.

Meanwhile “Fred Bear” will  speak to your inner hunter about the peacefulness and stillness that comes with being immersed in nature. 

Released: Record Label: Broadhead Music
Release Date: June 1, 2004 

Disc 1

  1. "Spirt of the Wild"
  2. "Fred Bear Jam - Live Nugent"
  3. "Sunrize" (instrumental)
  4. "Tooth Fang & Claw"
  5. "Fred Bear - The American Hunter's Theme Song"
  6. "Earthtones"
  7. "I Just Wanna Go Hunting"
  8. "Sunrize" (narrated)
  9. "KLSTRBK"
  10. "My Bow & Arrow"
  11. "Great White Buffalo"


  1. "Physics of Spirituality Part One"
  2. "Physics of Spirituality Part Two"
  3. "Hibernation"